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Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory The Orion Lines

They operate alongside the Venezuelan cocaine syndicate, the Cartel of the Suns, which smuggles the drug from Colombia to the US via the impoverished state of Apure.


The files contained nude photographs of the boys along with personal details.

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Some of these movies are made merely to shock with empty provocation; some have something genuine to say at their core; all of them will disturb you.

The 100+ Most Violent Movies Ever Made!

Violence 87 Blood 85 Murder 82 Gore 81 Torture 73 Sadism 69 Female Nudity 61 Death 60 Rape 59 Brutality 47 Cruelty 47 Blood Splatter 44 Female Frontal Nudity 43 Knife 41 Independent Film 40 Sex 40 Disembowelment 37 Exploitation 37 Male Nudity 37 Mutilation 37 Dismemberment 35 Psychopath 35 Nudity 33 Corpse 32 Kidnapping 32 Pain 32 Controversy 31 Female Rear Nudity 31 Male Frontal Nudity 31 Humiliation 30 Sadist 30 Sexual Perversion 30 Evil 29 Screaming 29 Sexual Violence 29 Suicide 29 Bare Breasts 28 Cult Film 28 Mercilessness 27 Nipples 27 Penis 27 Perversion 27 Vomiting 27 Degradation 26 Female Full Frontal Nudity 26 Revenge 26 Snuff Film 26 Bondage 25 Decapitation 25 Male Rear Nudity 25 Insanity 24 Pubic Hair 24 Sexual Abuse 24 Throat Slitting 24 Flashback 23 Necrophilia 23 Sexual Torture 23 Stabbing 23 Cigarette Smoking 22 Panties 22 Sexual Cruelty 22 Suffering 22 Depravity 21 Grindhouse Film 21 Male Full Frontal Nudity 21 Prostitute 21 Severed Head 21 Topless Female Nudity 21 Tortured To Death 21 Female Pubic Hair 20 Psychotronic Film 20 Serial Killer 20 Sexual Sadism 20 Victim 20 Beating 19 Covered In Blood 19 Crying 19 Evil Man 19 Fear 18 Nihilism 18 Stabbed In The Stomach 18 Tied Up 18 Transgressive Film 18 Bound And Gagged 17 Castration 17 Dead Girl 17 Fellatio 17 Female Victim 17 Husband Wife Relationship 17 Intestines 17 Masturbation 17 Photograph 17 Sequel 17 Violent Death 17 Bathtub 16 Cannibalism 16 Dead Woman 16 Desperation 16 Exploitation Film 16 Face Slap 16 A 4 hour reinactment of the torturous experiments conducted by unit 731 including decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, fetus removal, teeth pulling, genital freezing, radiation exposure, electrocution, skin slicing, tongue snipping, pressure chamber deaths, suicide and a cockroach being forced inside a woman's vagina as her face is removed.

The Horrifying, Controversial and Secret History of the Snuff Film

For all of the necrophiliacs out there, Dead Girls offers pages showing pictures of dead girls.

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Ahern also said that while here he was photographed by a WM Named ROY AMES and then spent the night with Ames lover and this was a WM named CHARLES ANSON and he was about 20-23 yrs of age.

From vagina impalement to 'death by elephant'

Collections: Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: 546• MS-13's biggest rival: Barrio 18 The cartels of Tijuana, Juarez and the Gulf have been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexicans.

The 100+ Most Violent Movies Ever Made!

All characters are legal and consenting.

Torture Mansion Chapter 2: New Flesh, a horror fiction

Mixed amongst this are clips of what would appear to be a genuine snuff movie…girls one by one dragged into the dungeon and locked in there and tortured over a length of time.

Torture Mansion Chapter 2: New Flesh, a horror fiction

Told you this shit was gonna get dark.